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Daniel Pieracci is a novel writer and a freelance advertising copywriter. 


It's a family affair. And it's on.

For as long as he can remember, Mario Jr has had nothing to talk about with his father. But then he takes a job at a luxury retail shop owned by the mafia and everything changes. Mario Sr, an FBI agent who’ll do anything to put his career back on the fast track, suddenly takes a keen interest in his son who is now a valuable asset in a very important case. If he can crack this one, he’ll be one step closer to turning THE DREAM into reality. From the bowels of the FBI to the taqueria around the corner, Take Your Shot is a satirical coming-of-age tale full of organized crime, disorganized deceit, and deadly ambition.


A wonderfully woven tale!
— Luz Garcia
I couldn’t put it down. Really well done!
— Johannes Widmer