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Daniel Pieracci is a novel writer and a freelance advertising copywriter. 

I Got Great Readers

A few weeks ago we had lunch with my in-laws, Elisabeth and Gregor. They asked me how it was going with Take Your Shot and I told them it was going fine. And then Elisabeth asked, "Has Gregor shown you how he's reading it?" 

English isn't his first language, it's his fourth. And while Take Your Shot isn't Shakespeare, it ain't no kids book neither, so he has to work a bit harder. And the thing is, he really is working hard! Check this out:

Mapping out the characters, their roles, and relationships. Like a boss.

That's the chart he drew up to keep track of the characters and their roles and relationships. That's dedication! And I am so honored that he's putting in this kind of effort. 

He's the busiest retired person I know. But he's not waiting for a week-long beach vacation, he's diving in head first. He's not just using the book as a mere train ride time-killer (which, of course I would be totally fine with), and he's not just skimming through it, content not to understand. No, he's attacking it like a hungry grad student. He's reading the heck out of this thing. 

I saw Gregor yesterday and got the update: He's on part three now and still going strong. He's upped his game by moving from a pad of graph paper to what he calls his Three Screen System - he reads Take Your Shot on his iPad, he keeps the dictionary app open on his iPhone, and he takes notes on his laptop. 

So Gregor, three cheers for you and your Three Screen System! You're hard at work reading, which inspires me to keep on working hard on Novel #2. Now, excuse me as I get back to writing something that makes all that effort worthwhile. 

Time for a little post-reading relaxation.