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Daniel Pieracci is a novel writer and a freelance advertising copywriter. 

My First Reading

So, the trip to Japan wasn't just fun and games (and food). We also did something a little crazy in Kyoto – we organized a reading. It was Caroline's idea, naturally, but it made perfect sense – with my first book Take Your Shot very nearly finished, why not start putting it out there?

Daisuke, our very gracious AirBnB host and all-around cool person, also runs a cafe in Kyoto. It's called Kazenone, and he offered us its lovely meeting space in the back. So we picked a few chapters, wrote up a presentation, and put together chips, salsa and guacamole – the perfect post-reading snack far a book about a Mexican-American family living in LA. 

It was the first reading I've ever done, and I think it went really well. It certainly was such a pleasure to meet everyone, talk about writing, and learn more about life in Japan. I'd like to thank Daisuke and everyone at Kazenone for the great organization and the lovely space. And thanks Caroline and Maiko for the brilliant organization and delicious food!