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Daniel Pieracci is a novel writer and a freelance advertising copywriter. 

The Pieraccis Do Japan

When I was a kid back in the 80's, Japan was this mystical, magical faraway place where the rules were strict, the food was crazy, and the car industry was so powerful, it was sure to destroy America like some sort of ultra-capitalist Godzilla.  But I wasn't scared – Japan was where all the really good toys and comic books were, and I desperately wanted a piece of that action. 

Fast forward to this year, and the kid in me finally got his wish. We took off on October 1st and explored for three weeks. We saw Tokyo, Takayama, and Kyoto (we had planned more, but traveling with a 1.5 year old turned out to be more tiring than we thought). We took very fast trains, and ate weird and wonderful food. We met a bunch of very friendly, interesting folks, and enjoyed spending time with old friends. We wanna go back!

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